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From the growing demand from a large number of shoemakers and repairers of a line of professional chemicals and dedicated to specific needs, the products of the Shoemaker Professional line are born. Thanks to the experience gained in the chemical sector of products for the care and protection of leather we began to devote our strength to this very specific sector in order to guarantee a series of dedicated articles aimed at solving the small-big problems that the artisans and industry professionals find themselves having to solve every day. Determinant at this stage, it proved to be the collaboration with those directly involved, the shoemakers in fact, who expressed their needs and particular needs. The direct and constant comparison has allowed our technicians to study the first specific chemical products for professional use, suitable to support the work of the operators, facilitating them in the operations of cleaning, polishing, coloring and treatment of leather and leather articles.
Our main objective is the constant search for new specific products and the study of innovative products to meet the needs of our customers, it is precisely to carry out this delicate task, our constant presence ensures our customers timely and accurate technical assistance.
We can count on a state-of-the-art laboratory where our technicians with proven experience and direct ability in the sector are able to formulate specific products suitable to satisfy customer requests.
Thanks to the diligent commitment to the selection of the most innovative raw materials, we are able to guarantee a constant quality standard.