LM Professional Srl is a chemical shoe care products manufacturer.

The products in our professional shoemaker line have been created in response to the growing demand from a large number of shoemakers and repairers for a range of professional chemical products to satisfy specific needs. Drawing on our experience with chemical products for leather care and protection, we started to devote our efforts to this highly specific field and put together a selection of dedicated, targeted items that can solve small and large problems that artisans and professionals in the field face every day. A key part in this process was played by working together with the interested parties themselves: shoemakers and technicians, who told us about their needs and special requirements. Direct, ongoing discussions helped our technical staff to develop the first chemical products specifically for professional use.

These products are capable of supporting the work of experts and make it easier for them to clean, polish, color and restore leather items.
Our main goal is to constantly find new specific products and design innovative goods to satisfy the needs of our customers. One of the ways in which we perform this delicate task is by always being there to provide our customers with prompt, meticulous technical support.
We can count on a cutting-edge laboratory where our team of technicians with proven experience and hands-on skills in the field develop specific products to cater to our customers’ needs.
We diligently select the most innovative raw materials, so we can guarantee consistent high quality standards.